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Over the years, friends as well as generous visitors of my website have been very supportive and some of them have been kind enough to let me know what they think of my work and/or any other suggestions which have been valuable source of inspiration. Below are a few of the many nice messages I've received along the way.

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The melodies are hauntingly beautiful, and the whole production is highly professional



We do hope that you will keep up with this unique mode of service to our bloved Faith and produce other CDs in the future and keep us apprised


Annick Elziere

I have listened to your music and it is extremely BEAUTIFUL! Your voice and the music are uplifting. At last, here are some prayers with some very uplifting music. This is wonderful! I believe your CD is going to be very successful. Bravo!


Kenneth Strongman

It is lovely, gentle music in all of its languages



Thank you Azeen. The world needs more of you!



Congratulations Azeen, exciting news well done



I have just listened to your CD through. Good job. Particularly like the clarity on the vocals you've got and nice arrangement of backing vocals. Well done



Congratulations on finishing a fine sounding CD



Brilliant! Well done :)



Dear Azeen, I would like to thank you for your CD! :) The music is wonderful and your voice is unforgettable! :)Thank you so much! :)God bless you



The songs are really beautiful and there is a great variety - well done to all who worked on producing such wonderful music



Thank you so much for the cds! I have been playing them non-stop in my car. I love the Mona song but all are really beautiful. Your voice is really lovely and so pure. And plus I love that you sing in Maori as well, and the Persian influences in the songs too.



Alla-u-Abha! Thanks from Belarus )


Azeen Tashakkor, 2004